Victorian Government restricts new gas connections from 2024

16 August 2023

On Friday 28 July, the Victorian Government announced a partial restriction on new residential gas connections from 2024. For more information, visit the Premier of Victoria's website.

AusNet’s Regulation and Gas Delivery teams are working closely with government to determine what this means for our customers, developers and delivery partners. 

What we know so far

This restriction only applies to developments and residential home builds that need a planning permit that have not already been submitted or approved by 1 January 2024. 

This restriction does not apply to:

  • the vast majority of single dwelling homes that can be constructed without a planning permit (they generally only require a building permit). 
  • residential builds and land developments with existing planning permits that will be submitted or approved by 1 January 2024. These developments can still connect to gas regardless of when they are to be constructed. 
  • commercial and industrial land developments and connections.

What does this mean for developers

We will continue to install gas mains and connections for existing and future developments with the required planning approvals, when requested, in line with Government regulations.   

Our ongoing commitment to our gas customers

We are committed to continue our gas delivery services to existing customers in our distribution network. We have a large pipeline of existing developments with approved planning permits in place or with existing gas infrastructure to connect to gas.  

Natural gas is a fuel of choice for many Victorians and we’ll continue to provide safe and reliable gas to our 790,000 customers.

Our extensive program of mains upgrades and renewals will continue as we maintain and improve our existing gas network in western Victoria and position it for a future in renewable gas.