Stand alone power systems making the network more resilient

AusNet is rolling out stand-alone power systems (SAPS), making the network more resilient and safer for customers in remote Victorian locations.

Several SAPS were recently installed in Tolmie, between Mansfield and the Upper King Valley and in the Tambo Valley, near Omeo.

Stand-alone power systems are off-grid systems that operate independently from the main network, combining solar and battery technology with a backup generator, to provide property owners with a continuous energy supply.

They are a sustainable energy alternative that increase customers’ uptake in renewable energy and reduces emissions.

Jon D'Sylva, Chief Development Officer at AusNet, said stand-alone power systems are an innovative solution for Victorians living in remote areas where they are susceptible to unplanned outages due to extreme weather events.

“Stand-alone power systems will improve the reliability of supply for residents taking part in AusNet’s rollout.

“By choosing to go off grid, these customers are also contributing to a safer network by reducing the number of powerlines in high bushfire risk areas.

"We’re pleased to have delivered this important project for our customers in rural and remote communities,” said Mr D’Sylva.
For more information on stand-alone power systems go to Stand Alone Power Systems