AusNet signs $4 million contract ready for upcoming fire season

AusNet has signed a $4 million contract with NSW-based company Tyree Industries, ensuring there is a ready supply of poletop transformers for the upcoming bushfire season.

Tyree Industries will supply AusNet with pole mounted electrical transformers, which are used to convert distribution voltage electricity from power lines to a voltage that can be used by homes and businesses. There are currently more than 40,000 pole mounted transformers in AusNet’s distribution network.

The 2023 Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook has warned that Victorians could see an early start to bushfire season this year, with a drier and warmer winter than average.

AusNet’s Executive General Manager of Network Operations & Safety, Prue Crawford-Flett, said maintaining a supply of transformers will ensure AusNet has the back-up required for this summer.

“Poletop transformers can be damaged during bushfires and severe weather. Having these transformers more readily accessible means that in the case of potential bushfires, we will have an adequate supply of transformers in stock to quickly restore power,” Ms Crawford-Flett said.

With many countries around the world transitioning to renewables, supply chain constraints are becoming an issue.

“This contract with Tyree Industries is a great example of how AusNet is establishing and leveraging strong relationships with local suppliers to expand our supply base, while at the same time supporting local industries,” she said.