Gas safety is important

Title: Gas safety is important 
Duration: 26 seconds  
Narration: Male voiceover  

[Video begins]  

[Voiceover]: Gas safety is important. Always use a qualified gas fitter to service your gas appliances.

[Description]: We see an animation of a checklist with 3 items being ticked off.

[Voiceover]: If you smell gas inside your home or business, turn off your gas appliances, open doors and windows, and call a qualified gas fitter.

[Description]: We see an animation of a gas meter with the dial being turned from on to off.

[Voiceover]: If you are unsure or smell gas outside, call us on 136 707.

[Description]: We see an animation a mobile phone with a call button.

[Voiceover]: Are you gas ready? Visit us online to find out more.

[Description]: We see an animation of a gas stove top turn on. Cut to blue screen with the following text:

136 707