Flexible Exports

A new residential rooftop solar connection offer unlocking more renewable energy

AusNet is preparing for Victoria’s energy future by investing in projects that increase network capacity, improve reliability and introduce more renewable energy into the network. We support the uptake of residential solar and our Flexible Export connection offer – which is the first of its kind in Victoria – is one example of how we are transitioning our network.

Our electricity network was designed over 100 years ago and was built for a one-way flow of power into homes and businesses. Rooftop solar exports force a two-way flow which puts stress on the network and causes congestion. To keep our network stable, some customers in congested areas now have low or zero solar export limits.

Flexible Exports provides an alternative to these restrictions and enables more renewable energy to be exported onto the network. Using smart solar inverters and a SwitchDin Droplet, AusNet balances customers’ exports against local network supply and demand.

The program aims to give residential solar customers the ability to receive a flexible export limit up to 5kW per phase, depending on available capacity throughout the year.

The Flexible Export program is currently a limited offering only for eligible customers who would otherwise be limited to no more than 1.5kW fixed export per phase. However, our Flexible Export offering will continue to improve and extend to more customers in the future.

If you have any questions not answered below, please email flexible.exports@ausnetservices.com.au

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