What to do if the power goes out - video transcript

Duration: 30 seconds
Narration: Male voiceover

[Video begins]

[Description]: We see the AusNet logo and the words Your electricity distributor.

[Voiceover]: Do you know what to do if the power goes out?

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a lightbulb going from on to off.

[Voiceover]: At AusNet, we’re committed to supplying you with safe and reliable power, but sometime severe events like storms or bushfires can cause a power outage.

[Description]: We see an animated hand offering electricity turn to a storm cloud.

[Voiceover]: If you lose power, check our Outage Tracker. If you can’t see your outage there, report it on our 24/7 faults and emergencies number or online.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a laptop with a 24/7 phone image onscreen turn into a person holding a phone to their ear.

[Voiceover]: For your safety, always stay away from damaged powerlines or poles and assume any fallen wires are live.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of two power poles, the line between them breaks and falls to the ground with sparks coming from the ends.

[Voiceover]: Visit us online for more information.

[Description]: We see the AusNet logo, a 24/7 icon, the phone number 13 17 99 and the URL ausnetservices.com.au/powerprepared