Bushfire prevention video transcript

Duration: 30 seconds
Narration: Male voiceover

[Video begins]

[Description]: We see the AusNet logo and the words Your electricity distributor.

[Voiceover]: At AusNet, there’s nothing more important than the safety of our customers and communities.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a group of people.

[Voiceover]: So, we’re doing what we can to prevent bushfires.

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a bushfire alert sign.

[Voiceover]: As part of the Victorian Government’s Powerline Bushfire Safety Program, we’re installing Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters across our network. 

[Description]: We see an animated icon of a row of powerpoles.

[Voiceover]: This leading-edge technology acts like a big safety switch cutting power within a tenth of a second if a power line falls. 

[Description]: We see an animated icon of power switch going from on to off.

[Voiceover]: To find out more visit us online.

[Description]: We see the AusNet logo, a 24/7 icon, the phone number 13 17 99 and the URL ausnetservices.com.au/refcl