Zone substation reports

Learn about our annual zone substation reports

We publish annual zone substation reports every year on January 31. You can request a report from us for a small fee. The reports include the following information:

  • name or identifier of the substation
  • date and time interval for load data
  • load megawatts (MW).

annual zone substation reports do not contain any confidential or commercially sensitive information.

To request a zone substation report, please complete our application form (PDF, 100KB) and submit to:

Report fees

The reports contain information for the calendar year. Two different types of report are available:

  • Annual zone substation report: $22 (including GST)
  • Longer-term zone substation reports: $33 (including GST)

Reports are available from the 2008 reporting year onwards. Current year reports will be ready after January 31.


Zone substation reports are in Comma Delimited (*.csv) format on an encrypted USB device. Or, due to the large file size, via two or more separate emails containing compressed files. We will provide your report(s) within 30 business days of receiving your application and application fee.