AusNet's objective is to procure materials, equipment and services on appropriate terms and conditions, while leveraging spend, managing risk and ensuring regulatory and legal compliance in its contracts and orders.

Small, medium and large organisations are all eligible to become suppliers of AusNet - particularly those who have well-developed, proactive approaches to customer service, product and service innovation and sustainability. Having ISO 9000 accreditation is also a distinct advantage.

Expression of Interest (EOI) for gas delivery services

We are seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suitably qualified and capable delivery partners and suppliers to manage the following areas for AusNet:

  • gas operations and maintenance;
  • asset replacement;
  • minor capital works; and
  • gas meter reading in our gas distribution network.

All interested suppliers should submit an EOI and include a capability statement that addresses information in the ‘Description and Scope of the Services’ section on page 7.

The information provided by respondents will be used to inform us of interested and capable suppliers who can support the next phase in our gas delivery services business.

For more information and instructions on how to submit your EOI, download Expression of Interest – Gas delivery services (Word, 1.2 MB).

EOI open date: 29 February 2024

EOI close date: Midnight 29 March 2024

Registering as a supplier

Registering your company details with AusNet does not pre-qualify you as an AusNet supplier nor does it guarantee that you will be contracted by AusNet’ Procurement to tender for goods and/or services to our Company. However, it will make AusNet aware of your stated ability to supply, and will provide sufficient information to enable us to form a good initial assessment of your capabilities.

Note: If your enquiry is not related to becoming an AusNet supplier but instead you need general assistance, please visit the Contact Us page for more details.

Procedures, terms and conditions

There is a comprehensive assessment process undertaken prior to awarding any supplier with an AusNet contract, including background checks on current and past financial positions and Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental standards and policies. When new products or services are identified, or when an existing contract is to be re-offered, we initiate a procurement process for the supply of goods or services within a prescribed framework.

If you submit a tender, you will be notified by AusNet Procurement about whether you have been successful or unsuccessful in the Tendering process.

We operate on behalf of a wide range of businesses units. Therefore, we have a number of different terms and conditions for the procurement of goods and services. These may vary from time to time, dependent on different categories and business areas of AusNet. The minimum Terms and Conditions AusNet operates under are set out below.

AusNet conditions for the supply of goods and/or services (PDF, 169 KB)

Supplier qualifications

To become an approved supplier and do business with Ausnet, all suppliers must complete our registration process in Ariba. Ariba is the standard platform we use for vendor transactions, so having an Ariba - Standard Account is essential for registration and electronic transactions with Ausnet.

If you need help with registration or invoice submissions through Ariba, check out the resources below for guidance.

For technical assistance, you can contact us via email or call 1800 431 208.

Our expectations

We are committed to developing innovative and best practice procurement practices, so safe, efficient and innovative suppliers and contractors are strategically important to us. AusNet expects to play in a fair and competitive marketplace, and to provide an equitable evaluation and selection process that is applied consistently to all prospective suppliers.

The key qualities AusNet expects from suppliers include:

  • a commitment to Occupational Health and Safety
  • a commitment to responsible environment management, including elimination of environmental incidents, waste minimisation, responsible resource utilisation and greenhouse gas reductions high quality, valued products or services backed by efficient engineering and supply chain systems
  • demonstrably sound financial standing and strong business performance
  • a commitment to developing a mutually productive relationship with AusNet’s procurement and a proactive approach to marketing the contract
  • being able to transact business electronically, including the use of e-tendering/sourcing technologies, facsimile, and electronic purchase orders, invoices and payments compatible with AusNet
  • supplying the goods and /or services after the bidding has closed in the event that they are selected as the preferred supplier
  • having technically capable and competent personnel to support the goods and/or services supplied
  • maintaining appropriate compliance to Industrial Relations, Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

Contestable works – supplier accreditation

Contestable works occur if a customer has elected to arrange and fund their own distribution works including the connection to AusNet's distribution network.

The customer has the choice on who is engaged to undertake the work however to ensure the distribution network and the customer’s connection to the network remain reliable and safe, only suitably qualified persons may do the connection work.

The Option 2 – Contestable Works fact sheet (PDF, 201 KB) explains the application requirements and process if you want to become an accredited supplier.

Supplier code of conduct

AusNet’ Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF, 291 KB) outlines the minimum standards expected from our suppliers in the areas of business practices and ethics, labour practices and human rights, diversity, legal and regulatory obligations, health and safety, environmental regulations and protection, privacy and cyber security, compliance with the Code and reporting.

Sustainable procurement policy

The Sustainable Procurement Policy (PDF, 826 KB) defines business requirements and accountabilities for the sustainable procurement of externally sourced goods and services, aiming to achieve positive environmental, social and economic impact over the entire life cycle, whilst simultaneously meeting legislative requirements.