Pole-top batteries

Location: Coldstream, Diamond Creek, Ferntree Gully, Heathmont, Knoxfield, Lysterfield, Smiths Beach, Traralgon, Wantirna, Wantirna South

Timeframe: June 2024 – July 2025


We’re installing pole-top batteries across 10 locations in our electricity distribution network. These batteries will be installed on new and existing power poles and allow us to store excess renewable energy locally and use it when the community needs it the most. This will ensure a safe, reliable and sustainable power supply for all residents and businesses, regardless of whether they have solar panels on their property.

Picture of solar panels from behind looking at the sky

What are pole-top batteries and how do they work?

Pole-top batteries are a type of energy storage system specifically designed for communities.

This innovative technology stores any excess energy generated by local roof-top solar and our electricity network, during low-demand periods. This stored energy is then distributed to the local community in high-demand periods, such as during the evening and in summer.

Each unit includes three pole-mounted cabinets containing a 10kVA/21.9kWh battery storage system, that coordinate to work as a three-phase system. These units have full four quadrant power capability, which means they can store and release energy when needed.

Man in high vis work clothes on the phone, looking towards wind turbines

What are we doing?

The pole-top batteries will be installed on existing or new power poles using specially designed brackets for easy installation and minimal disruption to the community. If we need to erect a new power pole, the brackets will be mounted before the pole is erected. The main battery cabinets are then hoisted into place and connected to the network.

What this means for you


For safety reasons, we’ll need to turn your power off while we install and connect the batteries to the power poles. We will notify you of any planned outages.

Noise and visual impacts

The batteries are silent and will be installed on power poles above eye level.

Traffic management

In some residential areas, we may need to close roads so our vehicles can access the site and our crews can safely carry out the works. We’ll have traffic management and detours in place to guide you through the area.


More information and contact

We’re installing these batteries as part of a Victorian government program to improve energy reliability, provide energy storage capacity for locally generated solar power, increase access to renewable energy and help lower electricity bills. For more information, visit the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action website

For technical information about the pole-top batteries, visit EcoSTORE Renewable Energy Batteries.

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