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Murra Warra Wind Farm

AusNet Services is working with RES Australia to connect  the Murra Warra Wind Farm to the National Electricity Market. 

The Murra Warra Wind Farm is located approximately 25km north of Horsham in north western Victoria. 

The Murra Warra Wind Farm is being constructed in two stages – with Stage 1  comprising  61 turbines in the south west of site, and Stage 2 comprising 55 turbines towards the north east of site.

Once complete, the wind farm will be able to produce 429MW of electricity – enough clean energy to power approximately 420,000 homes and save roughly 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

The terminal station will be owned and operated by AusNet Services and will enable the generated power to be exported into the National Energy Market via the Western Victoria 220kV network.

Construction of Stage 1 of the Murra Warra Wind Farm began in May 2018 following an extensive period of collaborative planning and design between AusNet Services and RES Australia, in conjunction with industry and state planning bodies.
To find out more about the Murra Warra Wind Farm, visit the Murra Warra Wind Farm project page.


Murra Warra Infographic

About RES Australia

RES has been developing renewable energy in Australia since 2004, providing wind  farms that generate pollution free electricity, contribute to a cleaner environment and have a positive economic effect on local communities.

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