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Embedded Generation Connections Greater than 5MW




If you are considering a large scale energy generation system this page is for you. Systems in this range are usually commercial and are greater than 5MW. Below you will find information about the process, timeline and costs involved in connecting to the grid.

  • Read our Guidelines for the Connection of Embedded Generators greater than 5MW for info on technical standards
  • Don't know where to connect? Use the Renewable Energy Map to see the available capacity of the our sub-transmission network
  • Complete an Embedded Generator Connection Enquiry Form and send it to the Energy Connections team,

For connections to the Victorian Transmission Network, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) manages the connection process and is your main point of contact. For more details, please visit their website.


Timeline and processes

  • 1. Submit Preliminary Connection Enquiry

    Our process

    The first step is for an embedded generator registered by, or intending to register with AEMO to submit an Embedded Generator (EG) Connection Enquiry form.

    We will provide a written acknowledgment (letter or email) after we receive your enquiry.

    We will then assess your connection enquiry and provide a preliminary response. This is a high level response, based on information available to us. It will include details such as technical requirements and an estimation of the costs.

    Our requirements

    Complete an Embedded Generator Connection Enquiry Form and send it to the Energy Connections Team,



    No fee for this stage


    Time frame

    5 business days - written acknowledgement to you.
    20 business days - preliminary response.

  • 2. Submit Detailed Enquiry Request

    Our process

    If you agree to the preliminary enquiry response, the next step is to lodge a request for a detailed enquiry response with us. The preparation of this is expected to be an iterative process to allow for clarification and consideration of options and alternatives. 

    We will acknowledge your request in writing within 5 business days, and provide a detailed response within 30 business days of receiving all of the relevant information and your enquiry fee.



    Our requirements

    • Send us a letter or email requesting to proceed to
    detailed enquiry with any information requested in the 
    preliminary response.
    • Pay the enquiry fee.
    • All information to be sent the Energy Connections Team,



    $ 20,000, upfront payment. A Letter Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement are to be executed. The upfront fee does not constitute the total consideration payable this is due to the iterative nature of this process.


    Time frame

    30 business days - for us to provide a detailed response (we will let you know if any additional time is required), upon receipt of the enquiry fee and all information sought

  • 3. Submit Connection Application

    Our Process

    Once you have received a detailed enquiry response from us, you are now able to make a formal application to connect to our network. This can take some time to complete as it must be accompanied by the relevant network studies.

    Once we have received all of the required information and the connection application fee, we will prepare an Offer to Connect. We may need to consult with AEMO and existing generators as part of this process. You then need to accept the offer to go ahead.


    Our requirements



    The Letter Agreement monthly charges plus AEMO cost to review the network study and GPS.


    Time frame

    4 months - for us to send offer.

    20 business days to accept the offer.

  • 4. Sign your Final Connection Agreement

    Our process

    If you accept our offer to connect,  negotiations will commence for the final Connection Agreement. 

    The Connection Agreement is made subject to gaining environmental and planning approvals for any augmentation or extension works to network.

    It sets out the terms and conditions under which we will provide the connection, the rights and obligations of each party, and the connection charges to be paid.



    Our requirements

    Send us a signed Connection agreement



    Agreed connection charge


    Time frame

    At the speed you wish to proceed.

Previous Connections

For more information about previous embedded generation connections since October 2009, please visit our Register of Completed Embedded Generation Projects, which has been published with permission from the applicants

Contact details

For all questions or enquiries please contact the Energy Connections Team,