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Electricity Transmission Network  


AusNet Services owns and operates Victoria’s electricity transmission network, in addition to separate electricity and gas distribution networks in Victoria. The transmission network covers an area of approximately 227,600 square kilometres and serving a population of over 5.9 million people, or more than 2.1 million households and businesses. The Victorian network is centrally located among Australia’s five eastern states, and it provides important connections between South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Energy Supply Chain



  • AusNet notifies the AER on need for framework and approach stage

  • AER consults on need for Framework and Approach for component not triggered by AusNet Services

  • AER issues notice on need for Framework and Approach

  • AER publishes the Position paper

  • • AusNet Services submits expenditure forecasting methodology to the AER

  • • AER publishes Framework and Approach paper

  • AusNet Services’ Regulatory Proposal is due

  • AER publishes the Issues paper

  • AER holds a Public Forum

  • Regulatory Submissions to AER close

  • AER publishes a draft decision

  • AER holds a Predetermine Conference

  • AusNet Services’ Revised Regulatory Proposal is due

  • Revised Regulatory Submissions to AER close

  • Cross Submissions to AER close

  • AER publishes final decision

Transmission Revenue Reset Process

As a regulated business, we are required to lodge a Revenue Proposal with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) by 31 October 2020 setting out our proposed revenues and investment plans for the five-year regulatory period commencing 1 April 2022. The process for setting our revenue is referred to as the Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR). Our next five-year regulatory period for electricity transmission runs from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2027. 


Customer Advisory Panel

AusNet Services has established its first TRR Customer Advisory Panel to ensure that, to the extent possible, our Revenue Proposal reflects customers’ views and preferences. The Panel comprises of representatives from a range of customer advocacy groups, clean energy bodies, generators and the Victorian distribution businesses.


The Panel will be complemented by other customer engagement activities we intend to undertake, such as consultation with our existing Customer Consultative Committee (CCC) and one-on-one interviews with large customers.


The first customer advisory panel was held on 7 May 2019. View the presentation

The second customer advisory panel was held on 29 August 2019. View the presentation. View the AEMO Integrated System Plan

The third customer advisory panel was held on 28 November 2019. View the presentation

The fourth customer advisory panel was held on 14 May 2020. View the presentation.