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Our commitment to sustainability

Our purpose, strategy and values support the creation of shared value for our customers, communities, employees and ultimately shareholders.  We operate sustainably to deliver our strategy, ensuring we do the right thing and manage risk in accordance with broader community expectations. AusNet Services plays an important role in shaping Australia’s energy future; accordingly, our stakeholders rely on us to act responsibly and with integrity. We treat this responsibility as a privilege and an opportunity to make a real difference and contribute to society. We also recognise that to provide long term value for investors and meet the needs of our stakeholders, we must deliver more than just financial returns.   

A sustainable approach to the management of key environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities will further support our long-term growth and performance and we continue to look at ways of further developing and embedding assessment of key ESG matters into our strategic planning processes.  Sustainability reporting is increasingly in focus and we will be transparent on ESG areas, with effective disclosures on how we operate and manage risks.

Our values guide us on this journey. We work safely.  We do what’s right. We’re one team. We deliver.


Sustainability Commitments and Reporting Topics

Our Sustainability commitments are overseen and managed by our Board and Executive. The Board through the Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for oversight and management of risks.  The Chief Financial Officer is accountable for the development of sustainability reporting, working with a cross-functional team comprising the Executive General Manager, People and Safety, the Executive General Manager, Governance and other senior management working in key areas of ESG risk. 

The table below outlines our commitments to ensuring the sustainability of our business, the topics that are reported on this Annual Report and the achievements during the year. They aim to show our steps towards further embedding Sustainability initiatives and reporting across our business and operations. 


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Our commitment

We are committed to managing the impacts of climate change and our effect on the environment.

FY2021 achievements

  • Readiness to comply with
    the new Environmental
    Protection Amendment
    Act 2018 (Vic)
  • Expanded risk assessment
    of climate-related risks and
    inaugural Task Force for
    Climate-related Financial
    Disclosures report


Our commitment

We are committed to protecting
and supporting our people and
customers, whilst having a positive
impact in the communities in which
we operate.

FY21 achievements

  • Lowest RIFR on record
  • Prioritised mental health
    and wellbeing of our people
  • Launched Employee
    Network Groups
  • Provided customer
    hardship relief
  • Continued community
    energy projects


Our commitment

We are committed to ethical,
robust and transparent business


FY21 achievements

  • Published inaugural Modern
    Slavery Statement
  • Progressed a framework for
    AusNet’s ESG initiatives
  • Commenced our Risk Excellence