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Customer consultative committee

The Customer Consultative Committee (CCC) is where we share our plans with members for their feedback.  

This is to ensure that we are meeting customer needs in everything we do. Since 2016, the CCC has guided our decision-making, so we are: 


  • Responsive to changing needs and wants in areas such as price, products and services,
  • Informed by our customer preferences and views, and   
  • Considerate of things that impact our customers, including vulnerable customers.   


The committee meets monthly, with extra meetings as required for specific issues.  


Meeting summaries

View the most recent CCC meeting summaries on our site below: 

November, 2021 (PDF, 155 KB) 

October, 2021 (PDF, 238 KB)

September, 2021 (PDF, 233 KB)


Current membership 

There are 6 AusNet representatives, including members of our executive team.  

We have 8 external representatives. They are from a range of customer interest and community groups, including: 



Independent Observers: 


Committee membership is at least 2 years.  

Please email questions to