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Coronavirus: COVID 19 

We care about the wellbeing of Victorians and are committed to making sure you have reliable power when you need it most. We’re doing our best to keep the lights on and the gas flowing. We’ll keep you up to date with any impact to our services. 

Important update - Circuit Breaker Lockdown (27.05.21)

Our planned works are critical for the safety and reliability of the network, and these power outages need to go ahead, even during lockdown. Where we do proceed with work, we’ll do our best to reduce the time.  

If it’s unsafe to be in your home during a power outage, you may be able to seek shelter at the home of a friend or relative.*  

Enquiries about your power supply during lockdown can be directed to our Customer Service Centre team on 1300 360 795 (9am-5pm, weekdays) or  
If Life Support equipment is operating in your home, you can contact us 24/7 on 1800 818 832 for more support. 

To support customers during this time, we have paused disconnections of electricity and gas during this lockdown. 

Customers affected by financial hardship due to COVID-19 are encouraged to contact their retailer.  

Faults and emergencies can be reported 24/7 on 13 17 99  

Please stay safe by following restrictions and advice from the Department of Health and Human Services website.  

*Subject to change based on DHHS restrictions. Anyone isolating due to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection should contact DHHS on 1800 675 398 for advice.  

Preparing for power outages

There are ways you can prepare for planned or unplanned power outages. Unplanned interruptions can and do occur as the result of events out of our control such as storms and bushfires, or equipment failure. 

Head to our planned outages page to find advice on how to prepare for power outages. You can download our fact sheet to keep with your emergency kit. 

Customers with Life Support equipment in their home can click here for more information on preparing and how we can support you during outages. 

Covid measures

Some of the steps we’ve taken to protect our people include: 


    Suspending all non-critical work, 



    Office-based staff working from home and other locations, 



    Cancelling non-essential visits to external sites, 



    Extra hygiene measures e.g. deep cleaning and sanitisation 



    Practicing strict social distancing at all times


Field teams

Our field teams continue to provide essential services including: 


    Responding to faults  



    Carrying out emergency repairs.  



They follow strict hygiene and physical distancing procedures. You can help us by keeping a distance of 1.5m+ at all times. If you come in contact with our field teams, please declare if you are showing any flu like symptoms. 

COVID-19 health updates

Keep up to date with the latest announcements and health advice: