Harsh Gupta

Harsh is a Secondary Assets Performance Stakeholder Team Leader and Agile Scrum Master in our Network Management and Digital Business unit. The Secondary Assets Performance team plays a major role in powering homes and businesses, with safety and reliability at the heart of its delivery. This includes monitoring assets and cost performance and developing standards and innovation.

How long have you been at AusNet and what made you want to join?

I have been with AusNet for four years now. I was approaching the end of my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Deakin University and heard highly of AusNet. The roles’ offering and opportunity for growth gave me the confidence to take my first leap of faith in the utilities industry.

What does your average day at work look like?

My average day primarily involves supporting the Secondary Assets Performance team to deliver business outcomes. This includes liaising with various internal and external stakeholders to ensure the team is bringing shared value in support of AusNet’s vision.

What’s the best part of your job?

The joy of empowering others and enabling their growth and development is my greatest sense of satisfaction. Working together with the team in sprint mode (a set period during which specific work must be completed) and delivering the required work every fortnight gives me the drive to continue supporting a high performing team.

What’s something interesting about your job or team that people might not know

I am a part of a team that ensures safe and reliable power for our customers and operators. Through proactive and regular planning sessions, we endeavour to convert gaps into opportunities that result in an improved network and best design outcomes for our customers. Most importantly, we discuss learnings and celebrate wins collectively on a fortnightly basis.

What makes you most proud about working for AusNet?

While AusNet is established and evolving, the wellbeing of its employees remains at the core of its culture, and this brings me immense pride. I see it being reflected in company-wide forums as an essential element of a productive workforce. It makes me proud to work with such a renowned organisation that values diversity and the wellbeing of its people as its greatest priority. I also feel valued to be part of the AusNet community that builds and operates safe electrical and gas networks in Victoria.

What opportunities has AusNet offered you?

AusNet has empowered me with a psychologically safe environment combined with supportive leaders, enabling me to explore my strengths and embrace my vulnerabilities as opportunities for growth. From working as a Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) Engineer to my current role as a Team Leader, AusNet has supported me in building and leading my own career to date.

My journey in Australia started with pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree and after completing university, I knew that Australia would be my permanent home. However, the road to permanent residency can be challenging and full of uncertainty. After seven years in Australia, I was recently granted permanent residency and AusNet played a big role in achieving that dream. AusNet continuously worked for more than four years to keep me in the country by applying for multiple visas on my behalf. It was overwhelming to experience the great effort AusNet made in justifying how my skills and abilities are of significant value to the company. It brings a great sense of pleasure to be part of an organisation that not only supports but also takes charge to help you achieve your dreams.

Has AusNet offered you flexibility in your role?

AusNet has redefined ‘flexibility’ for me in recent times through new ways of working, particularly over the past two years due to the global pandemic. As a result, I have a better work life balance and improved productivity levels due to my flexible working hours.

How important is AusNet’s focus on sustainability and what does it mean to you?

AusNet’s focus on sustainability demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment and the wellbeing of both its workforce and customers. It’s humbling to witness and be part of AusNet’s improved ethical yet sustainable practices in keeping Victoria powered and connected.

What advice would you give to people looking to work at AusNet?

AusNet is a world of its own with supportive people and ground-breaking opportunities. I highly recommend asking the ‘silly’ questions and strengthening your connections. Lastly, capitalise on the social opportunities to better connect with the AusNet family.