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Complex, small installations


This section is for you if you are an Installer, Solar Retailer or Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) and you are installing a complex, small system that is:

  • Greater than 5kW total inverter capacity per phase (or greater than 3.5kW for SWER installations);
  • Up to a maximum of 30kW total inverter capacity.
  • Export limited (must comply with SOP 33-06)

These are typically residential systems that don’t meet the requirements for online instant pre-approval and require us to assess the application manually.
For more detailed examples see below.

The fee for manual pre-approval is $151.00 (excl. GST) for systems up to 15kW and $200.25 (excl. GST) for systems over 15kW and up to 30kW.

If you want to install a larger or more complex system please go to our page for Large, complex installations.
If you would like to install a smaller system, go to our page for Small, simple installations.



Timelines and process

Design system and submit manual pre-approval application
Up to 65 days
Install system
Submit paperwork for final approval
Due - 90 days after pre-approval
Meter reconfigured - Ready to switch on
Approx - 20 days.
  • Design system and submit manual pre-approval application

    Our process

    You will need pre-approval before you can start the installation.

    • Step 1. Download the Pre-approval form and SLD requirements information.
    • Step 2. Submit your pre-approval application via email.
    • Step 3. We will then send you an invoice.
    • Step 4. Once the invoice is paid our technical assessors will evaluate your application.
    • Step 5. We grant pre-approval or let you know about any issues. We will email you with confirmation of pre-approval.


    Our requirements

    For your pre-approval application, please send us:

    • Completed Embedded Generator and Battery Storage Pre-Approval Form; and
    • Single Line Diagram (SLD) that describes the proposed installation.

      During assessment, our technical assessors are doing the following:
    • Assessing if your SLD diagram meets requirements
    • Checking your pre-approval application form
    • Assessing the effects on the Network of your proposed design


    Pre-approval application fees: $151.05 (excl. GST).

    Time frame

    10 business days - for us to raise the invoice.

    65 business days - to assess the application after payment of invoice. .

  • Install system

    Our process

    Once you have pre-approval from us, you can install the system.

    An electrical inspector must inspect the new installation for electrical safety. They will complete a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) form with you.

    Sign the Connection Agreement with your customer.

    For safety, the inverter must be left switched off until the meter has been reconfigured.



    Our requirements

    The system you install MUST match the one pre-approved by us.

    Make sure you use Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved inverters for the installation.



    Electrical inspection costs are determined by your inspector.


    Time frame

    90 days - to complete the installation and submit the final paperwork before your pre-approval expires.

  • Submit paperwork for final approval

    Our process

    Before we can allow your customer to generate their own energy you'll need to send three forms to your customer's retailer which they will pass on to us for our final approval.


    Our requirements

    Please send the following paperwork together to your customer's energy retailer:

    1. The Electrical Works Request (EWR) form, available from the Victorian SIR website.
    2. A Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES), which your electrical inspector will purchase from Energy Safe Victoria.
    3. An AusNet Services Connection Agreement signed by the customer.
    4. Limited Export Commissioning Test Report (if applicable) (Pages 10-11 of SOP 33-06)

    Please double check that the addresses, names, phone numbers and installation details match previous submissions to help keep things moving.



    There are no costs for this part of the process.


    Time frame

    10 business days - Following receipt of the paperwork from your retailer for us to approve the final installation and reconfigure the meter.

  • Meter reconfigured - ready to switch on

    Our process

    After we receive and approve the paperwork from the retailer, we will reconfigure the customers meter. This means data will now be recorded for energy generation as well as consumption.

    We will then send a text message to the customer to confirm that they are able to switch on their system.

    Please note: your customer will be moved on to a time of use tariff as part of this change. It is important that you highlight this to them.



    Our requirements

    Once we receive the paper work and service order from your customer's retailer, we can reconfigure the meter.

    We require customers to have only one meter:

    • Smart meter - requires an electronic remote reconfiguration
    • Non smart meter - will require a truck visit for manual reconfiguration
    • More than one meter - will require a truck visit to consolidate them.


    These costs are added to the customer's bill by their energy retailer, either:

    $28.65 for electronic meter reconfiguration; or

    $335.00 for a truck visit (if required)


    Time frame

    10 business days - for completion of electronic meter reconfiguration

    20 business days - for a truck visit. This will be arranged with you.


    Example systems

    Systems that are covered in this process include:

    Single-phase installation, up to a maximum 10kW total invert capacity and maximum 5kW export capacity e.g.

    • 8.2kW solar inverter limited to maximum export of 5kW, or
    • 5kW Battery Inverter (Zero Export) installer with a 5kW solar inverter


    Multi-phase systems, up to a maximum 30kW total inverter capacity (no more than 10kW per phase) e.g.

    • 15kW three phase solar inverter installation
      Note: multi-phase installations cannot have an export imbalance greater than 5kW per phase