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Ariba Network Enterprise Account

Why Ariba Network? What are the benefits?

Ariba Network allows AusNet Services to eliminate manual processes by automating transmission of purchase orders to our suppliers through real-time integrated portals (ie. AusNet Services Ariba portal and our suppliers Ariba portal.Similarly, suppliers benefit by receiving and sending documents in real-time to and from AusNet Services, such as orders, receipts, invoices, and remittance advices. Suppliers will also be able to update their specific supplier information (account details, contact info and compliance & regulatory information), all through the Ariba Network into AusNet Services systems. 



What is an Ariba Network Enterprise Account?

An Ariba Network Enterprise Account is an online platform designed to help suppliers succeed by making the procurement and payment of goods and services as seamless as possible. With an enterprise account you can utilise functionality such as electronic transactions, real-time invoice and payments, ERP integration, catalogues and advanced supplier support.

Outlined below are some of the benefits of the Enterprise account

  • Outlined below are some of the benefits of an enterprise account
  •  Electronic document interchange (EDI) for purchase orders (PO’s), purchase order confirmations, advanced shipping notices (ASN’s), invoices, invoice status, remittance advices
  •  Paid on time (as per agreed terms)
  •  Real-time transaction updates, visibility of orders and invoice status
  •  Increased efficiencies through more compliant ordering to you as a preferred supplier;
  •  Quick turnaround self-service interactions on order changes and issue resolutions
  •  Increased productivity through reduced manual processing with touchless or single click invoicing, automated matching, approvals
  • Visibility of progress for key documents seeking review, approval and execution
  • Avoid lengthy exception handling by self-managing company information and catalogue updates

Is there a cost associated with this initiative? 

Suppliers new to the Ariba Network generally start transacting on the Ariba Network for free, though based on the volume of transactions you do on the Network, you may be eligible for fees. Any potential fees may be offset by the many benefits of the Ariba Network mentioned prior. To learn more please visit SAP Ariba Subscriptions and Pricing

What’s Changing?

Below are examples of As Is processes for currently transacting with AusNet Services as well as To Be processes for transacting with Ausnet Services in the future:


I have an existing Ariba Network account…

If you have an existing Ariba enterprise account, you will first need to wait to receive your Trading Relationship Request (TRR)   from the SAP Ariba team. You will then need accept this relationship logging in to this existing enterprise account via the TRR received by email. By accepting this relationship, you are commiting to transact with AusNet Services through your existing Ariba Network ID.

If you have an existing Ariba standard account which you use to transact with other customers through the Ariba Network, then a new Ariba Network ID will need to be created to enable you to transact successfully with AusNet Services via an enterprise account.

How to register on the Ariba Network

You will receive a Trading Relationship Request (TRR) via email from the SAP Ariba team. Accepting this TRR will be an important step in ensuring your company can be set up correctly and an Ariba Network ID created. Once you have successfully configured your enterprise account with the help of the Ariba team, your company will be registered to transact with AusNet Services through the Ariba Network.


Onboarding of suppliers onto Ariba Network is on an ongoing basis. Once your account has been successfully configured, you will receive a $1 test purchase order which we ask you to invoice for. This is to ensure the end to end test is working and will act as confirmation that your enterprise account is working correctly. You will then continue to receive all orders from AusNet Services via this platform. 


Please note:

  • Going forward, transacting via Ariba Network will be the standard method of doing business with AusNet Services . As indicated in the Project Notification Letter, there is an option to onboard via standard account which will not incur any fees. Registration for standard account is free. 
  • We recommend bookmarking the link to this webpage as it will be updated regularly to inform you as the supplier with necessary information. 

Training & Support: SAP Ariba team will provide you with the support required to transition to Ariba Network. You  have access to the Supplier Education Materials Portal (SEMP) where you can access useful training guides / videos detailing  how to use Ariba. Also hosted on this webage is an enteprise account Supplier Summit which took place at the beginning of 2020. Please see ON24 Session Recordings on this portal.

More resources are available in Additional Information & Support below or alternatively you can email us on

Additional Information & Support: