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Natural Gas. Cosy Up.

Thank you for your interest. This offer is now closed. 


If you live in the Bannockburn area, are replacing an existing hot water system and have not yet connected to the natural gas network, here’s another good reason to do so.

AusNet Services (your local gas network operator) is offering a $500 rebate on natural gas hot water systems installed in Bannockburn properties, when they replace their existing hot water system with a gas hot water system and connect for the first time to our natural gas network. 

But unlike many rebates, you won’t be out of pocket with this one, and you won’t have to do any extra paperwork. 

Here's how it works

  • Contact a supplier/licensed installer and choose your natural gas hot water system.
  • Tell your installer about our $500 rebate offer, make sure they are able to participate, and confirm that they have been allocated a rebate number by us. (Because only 100 rebates are available.)
  • After your new natural gas hot water system is installed, your installer will discount their charge to you by $500.
  • The installer will then claim the $500 rebate back from AusNet Services.

Remember: make sure your installer (i) is aware of the $500 rebate offer, (ii) will include it as a discount on your new hot water system installation and (iii) has been allocated a rebate number for your new hot water system by AusNet Services.. 

Note the offer is open until the earlier of 28 February 2020 or the date on which the 100th valid rebate claim is received by AusNet Services.

More good news. You may also be eligible for other rebates.

If your new gas hot water system is replacing an electric hot water system, you could be eligible for a rebate known as VEECs. (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates). 

Under this scheme, changing from electric to natural gas hot water will earn you a certain number of VEECs (i.e. energy efficiency certificates). You can then sell these, either through your installer, or directly to an energy trading company.  

VEECs could provide you with an additional $500 or more in rebates, depending on the natural gas hot water system you install. 

Ask your gas appliance installers if they can help with VEECs, otherwise they may be able to direct you to a business that can.

To find out more, search for VEECs trading companies on the internet. Given the possible additional savings VEECs represent, it is worth making some enquiries. 

Note: VEECS rebates have no connection with AusNet Services and are entirely separate to our $500 rebate. 

How to connect to our natural gas network

To connect to our gas network, talk to your gas appliance installer or contact a natural gas retailer. 

Bannockburn Gas Network Map 

The map below shows the Bannockburn area that is covered by the network. If your property has access to this network, it’s easy to get connected.

Bannockburn 2018

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