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30kW to 1.5MW

This information is for 

  • Installers 
  • Solar retailers 
  • Registered electrical contractors (REC).*  



If you’re designing a solar and/or battery system that is: 

  • Over 30kW and up to 1.5MW (e.g. commercial or industrial systems)
  • Have central protection (must comply with SOP 11-16) 

*You must be an authorised representative of the customer. 


The process for 30kW to 1.5MW connections is 4 steps: 

  1. Design system and apply  
  2. Install system  
  3. Submit paperwork 
  4. Meter reconfigured and ready 

If you have any questions or would like to track the progress of your application, please contact

I want to update my current system: 

If you wish to remove part of the system; or add solar panels and batteries to your system, please return this form to 



Timelines and process

Design system and apply for approval to install
Up to 65 business days
Install system and perform commissioning tests
Within 90 days
Submit paperwork for approval to connect to the grid
10 business days
Meter reconfigured - ready to switch on
10 days from receipt of paperwork
  • 1. Design system and apply

    Time frame: 65 business days. Cost: $2000 (excl. GST) up to 200kW, $3000 for 200kW to 1.5MW.

    We’re responsible for providing a safe and stable energy network (grid) for our customers and workers. So, you’ll need approval from us before you can start installing a system for your customer.


    To apply, submit our pre-approval form with the details of the system you intend to install, including: 

    • Embedded generator and battery storage pre-approval form 
    • Single line diagram (SLD). Which must be in electronic format. 
    • Once we receive your application, we’ll send you an invoice. 
    • Once you pay the invoice, our technical assessors will evaluate your application. 



    You must comply with the requirements within: 

    • Protection requirements of embedded generators (LV + HV up to 22kV) - SOP 11-16 
    • Central protection commissioning test report - SOP 33-07 
    • Power quality compliance requirements - SOP 33-08 
    • Single line diagram requirements 


  • 2. Install system

    Time frame: 65 days. Cost: Only if we need to strengthen the network, and we'll let you know the cost.


    If your application is successful, we’ll email you an approval offer outlining the conditions.

    Or, we’ll contact you with options for getting your system approved.

    You may install the system after you have received an approval offer from us and have accepted that offer.

    Once you have approval from us, you need to install the system within 65 business days of pre-approval.



    • If we noted the need to witness the commission testing in your approval letter, you must notify us a minimum of 10 business days before the commission test date.
    • Until the final approval letter and connection contract are approved, the inverter must not be connected to our distribution system and the lockable switch must remain locked. The only exception is that the inverter may connect for commissioning tests.

    If you need to change your approved system, you may need to reapply. Please discuss your intended changes with your technical assessor.

  • 3. Submit paperwork

    Time frame: 10 business days. Costs: No costs.


    Before we can allow your customer to generate their own energy, you will need to finalise your paperwork. You’ll need to review your details in the post-installation tool and upload:

    1. Electrical works request (EWR)
    2. Certificate of electrical safety (CES)
    3. Commissioned test results


    With large installations like this, you’re responsible for specialised commissioning tests (SOP 33-07 & SOP 33-08) to demonstrate compliance.


    The final connection is subject to:

    • Receipt of final connection contract, including the connection agreement and technical schedules 
    • The electrical installation must have passed the prescribed inspection and have a valid certificate of electrical safety (CES) 
    • Compliance with AS4777 and AusNet’s “Central protection commissioning test report” (SOP 33-07),  
    • A copy of the commissioning test report, including the CES and any other relevant tests requested. 


  • 4. Meter reconfigured and ready

    Time frame: 10 business days. Cost: Billed by your energy retailer, either: $15.11 for electronic meter reconfiguration or $567.41 excl. GST for a truck visit (if required).

    Please note: Your retailer may also add costs.



    1. You must send the following documents to your customer’s retailer: 

    • Completed electrical works request (EWR) 
    • Completed certificate of electrical safety (CES) 

    2. Your customer's metering provider (this may or may not be us) will receive the documents from your customers’ retailer.  

    3. Once the paperwork is reviewed, the meter will be reconfigured to record energy generation. 

    4. Your customer may now switch on the system and begin generating their own energy. 

    Please note: If your customer has moved to a time of use (TOU) network tariff as part of this change, you need to tell them. 



    • Your customer's energy retailer must request these metering changes from us (or their metering provider), before we can proceed. 
    • There can only be one meter at each location. If there’s more, we’ll need to consolidate them – this needs a technician (truck visit). 
    • If the premises doesn’t have a smart meter, they’ll need a manual reconfiguration (truck visit).