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Our commitment to customers

We’re committed to improving how our customers experience our services - whether connecting a newly constructed home or when a customer’s energy supply is turned off for essential works. 

Our focus on customer experience has been driven by two years of feedback as part of our most substantial program to date to understand customers’ needs and expectations.  

Our research was guided by a Customer Forum, a group of highly qualified customer representatives working with us to develop our plans and proposed expenditures for electricity distribution services over the period 2022 to 2026. 

The Customer Forum is part of an exciting, industry leading trial to directly negotiate parts of our expenditure plans with a group capable of representing the views of our customers, ensuring our service priorities reflect customer needs.

As part of our negotiations with the Customer Forum, we identified several ways to improve how we deliver our services. These range from making it easier to claim through our complaints process, to helping businesses find the right person within AusNet Services.

Whilst commitments are a positive start, delivering better outcomes for our customers requires action. Our inaugural Customer Interactions and Monitoring Report tracks how we are performing against our commitments.  

Find out more about the work we are doing to improve our customer experience, now and in the future.