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We manage all complaints in accordance with the principles of the International Standard ISO 10002 and our Customer Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy.


We are committed to ensuring that our valued customers enjoy a safe and reliable electricity supply, however unexpected events can result in a variation in voltage, involving damage to our network and disruption to your electricity supply. Damage may then occur to your electrical appliances or equipment. Common causes of these incidents, often referred to as ‘power surges,’ are vehicles striking poles, storms, lightning strikes and animal or bird activity.


For claims arising from incidents considered beyond AusNet Services' control, it is suggested customers contact their insurance company in the first instance as these claims may be rejected. AusNet Services' will issue letters for insurance companies upon request and will consider reimbursing reasonable excess amounts.

AusNet Services energy delivery is regulated by industry codes, rules and common law. If you suffer loss, you are entitled to claim compensation from us.

To access a claim form:

Please ensure that you fill in all required information and attach the "originals" of your repair quotations (or receipts for repair, if you have chosen to have your repairs done). If you are claiming for other losses, please attach appropriate documentary evidence to substantiate your loss. Photographs are also particularly useful in the assessment and processing of claims.

If the claim form is not fully and properly completed or the required original documents are not attached, the handling of your claim will be delayed.



In order to be eligible for compensation for damage to electrical appliances or equipment under the Voltage Variation Guidelines:
  • Customers are asked to complete the claim form and provide the original of quotations for repairs or the original of accounts, if you have chosen to have repairs completed, before lodging your claim.
  • Your annual consumption of electricity must be less than 160 megawatt hours of electricity (around $20,000).
  • Damage to your property must have resulted from a voltage variation outside the limits prescribed by the Electricity Distribution Code.
In common with other electricity utilities, our standard terms of supply do not and cannot guarantee uninterrupted supply.  Occasionally incidents on the system, beyond reasonable prevention by us, will result in power interruptions.

Please note that all supply restoration times provided are given in good faith at the time of delivery but are always estimates only and are subject to alteration as further updates and information becomes available from our crews in the field.

Under these circumstances, claims for food loss will not be accepted. AusNet Services will provide letters for insurance companies upon request.

You may also wish to familiarise yourself with the Voltage Variation Guidelines before submitting your claim, so that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities and those of AusNet Services.
We are not obliged to compensate customers for consequential losses that arise from damage to appliances or equipment (eg. loss of profits, wages, goodwill etc.), or to offer settlement on the basis of “new” for “old”.

In some cases, we may not be able to confirm that an incident has occurred on our network affecting your premises. In this event, we will request that you provide a written statement from a suitably qualified person confirming that the damaged item has been inspected and that the damage is consistent with a voltage variation from AusNet Services' assets.

Compensation is not provided on the basis of an admission of legal liability. If, after investigation, we are unable to accept your claim, we will explain our decision in writing.


Submitting a Claim

We aim to ensure that our claim process is as easy as possible for our customers and you can assist this process by following the advice on the claim form and covering letter. If you need advice, please contact us on 1300 360 795.

Return the claim form and attachments in the ‘reply paid’ envelope (where provided) or alternatively send your claim to us at the following address:

AusNet Services
Customer Resolutions Manager
Locked Bag 14051
Melbourne City Mail Centre
Melbourne VIC 8001

We will acknowledge receipt of your claim and advise you of your Claim Number and the direct contact number for the Claims Consultant managing your claim. Each claim is thoroughly investigated and this may involve inspection of damaged items or discussions with yourself or your repairer/s.
Please DO NOT dispose of any damaged / appliances equipment until your claim is resolved as we may need to carry out an inspection.

If after contacting us, you believe your issue has not been satisfactorily resolved, you can contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) on 1800 500 509 (or 1800 500 529 for hearing impaired customers).

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