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24 Dec Change of Director's Interest Notice
23 Dec Appendix 3B - DRP - Interim Dividend FY16
22 Dec Update to Notification of Dividend
20 Nov Dividend Reinvestment Plan Shareholder Communications
17 Nov AusNet Services Holdings Pty Ltd 2016 Half Year Results
17 Nov AusNet Services 2016 Half Year Results and Presentation
17 Nov Appendix 3A1
17 Nov Results for announcement to the market - HY2016
29 Oct EDPR Preliminary Decision
26 Oct General Meeting - Results
26 Oct General Meeting - Chairman's Address and Presentation
23 Sep AusNet Services Notice of General Meeting
8 Sep Australian Taxation Office Dispute - Intellectual Property - Out-of-Court Settlement Reached
5 Aug Australian Taxation Office Dispute – S163AA announcement
24 July Appendix 3X – Initial Director’s Interest Notice
24 July Appendices 3Z – Final Director’s Interest Notices
23 July Results of Annual General Meeting
23 July Chairman's Address and Remuneration Committee Chairman's Address
23 July AusNet Services' 2015 AGM Presentation
23 July ASX Trading Halt Release
7 July Removal from official list
7 July Restructure ATO Class Ruling
25 June Appendix 3B
25 June 2015 final DRP distribution issue price
22 June SGID Substantial Shareholder Notice
19 June 2015 Business Review
19 June Revised Substantial Holder Notice
19 June 2015 Statutory Annual Report
19 June Notice of Annual General Meeting
19 June Appendix 4G - Key to Corporate Disclosures
19 June AST Update Confirmation
18 June Statement Pursuant to Singapore Regulations
18 June Restructure Proposal Implemented
15 June Initial Director's Interest Notices
10 June Singapore Power substantial holder notice
5 June Change of Director’s Interest Notice
5 June ASX Notice – Commencement of Official Quotation
5 June Market Release - Pre Quotation Disclosure
5 June Appendix 1A
5 June Information Form and Checklist
5 June Constitution
5 June Corporate Governance Statement
5 June Distribution Schedule
5 June Pre-Quotation Disclosure Statement
5 June Top 20 largest holders
5 June Guidelines for Dealing in Securities
5 June DRP Booklet
5 June AusNet Services Restructure Proposal Court Orders Lodged
5 June Amendments to Constitution of AusNet Services Finance Trust
4 June Court approves Restructure Proposal
29 May Results of Scheme and General Meetings
29 May Scheme and General Meetings Addresses
29 May Scheme and General Meetings Presentation
27 May Court Approval of Murrindindi Bushfire Class Action
26 May DRP Securityholder Communications
14 May Results for announcement to the market year ended 31 March 2015
14 May Appendix 3A.1 notification of dividend/distribution
14 May Full year 2015 results and investor presentation
7 May ATO Dispute - Intellectual Property
28 Apr Correction to Notice of General Meetings
22 Apr AusNet Services Restructure Proposal
22 Apr Information Memorandum
22 Apr 2015 Financial calendar update
4 Mar Execution of ATO Settlement Deed
16 Feb AusNet Services successfully prices EUR560M offer
6 Feb Settlement of Murrindindi Bushfire Class Action
28 Jan  2015 Financial Calendar
28 Jan ATO Settlement Deed and Corporate Simplification Proposal Update
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