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24 Dec Change in substantial holding
22 Dec SP AusNet Guidelines for Dealing in Securities
21 Dec SP AusNet 2010/11 Half Year Report
20 Dec Distribution Reinvestment Plan 2010/2011 - Interim Distribution Issue Price
20 Dec Appendix 3B New Issue Announcement, application for quotation of additional securities and agreement
17 Dec

Statement pursuant to Regulation 3(3)(a) of the Securities and Futures (Offers Of Investments)(Exemption For Business Trusts) Regulations 2005 (Singapore)

17 Nov Becoming a substantial holder
12 Nov Distribution Reinvestment Plan Communications to Securityholders
10 Nov SPNHalfYearResultsNov2010
10 Nov HalfYearReleasePresentationNov10
3 Nov SP AusNet Executes A$400m Bank Debt Facilities
29 Oct

 Victorian Electricity Distribution Price Determination (2011-15) AER Final Decision

29 Oct AER rejects significant price rises by Victorian electricity distributors
18 Oct Change of Director’s Interest Notice
4 Oct Net Profit After Tax Update – HY2011
29 Sep UXC: Claim by SP AusNet
24 Sep Victorian Bushfires Litigation - Update
8 Sep Response to ASX price query
9 Aug Appointment of New Non-Executive Director
9 Aug Appendix 3X - Initial Director’s Interest Notice
9 Aug

Changes to Membership of Board Committees

4 Aug Victorian Bushfires Litigation - Update
2 Aug Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Final Report
15 Jul Appendix 3Z – Final Director’s Interest Notice
14 Jul Results of Annual General Meetings and Meeting of Unitholders and Proxy Summary
14 Jul Chairman’s Address, Managing Director’s Address and Remuneration Committee Chairman’s Address
14 Jul Annual General Meetings and Meeting of Unitholders Presentation
14 Jul SP AusNet Sustainability Report 2010
2 Jul Change of Director's Interest Notice
23 Jun Appendix 3B
23 Jun DRP Issue Price Announcement
22 Jun Singapore Solvency Statement
21 Jun Vic Bushfires Class Action Clarification
10 Jun Change of Director’s Interest Notices
10 Jun SP AusNet Notice of Meetings
10 Jun SP AusNet Business Review 2010
10 Jun Statutory Annual Report 2010
7 Jun SP AusNet expresses disappointment with Draft Determination
4 Jun AER rejects big increases to network charges for Vic distributors
2 Jun Response to ASX Query - Change of Director's Interest Notice
14 May Change of Director's Interest Notice
14 May

Distribution Reinvestment Plan Communications to Securityholders

13 May Open Briefing - Full Year Results
12 May Change of Director's Interest Notice
12 May Results for Year Ended 31 March 2010
12 May SP AusNet 2009/10 Full Year Results Release and Presentation
12 May Retirement of Director from Board
23 Apr Appendix 3Y Correction of Error
18 Mar 2010 Financial Calendar
18 Mar SP AusNet successfully prices 300M Australian dollar offer
5 Mar SP AusNet successfully prices 700M Hong Kong dollar offer
5 Feb SP AusNet successfully prices 475M Swiss Franc offer
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