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Read AusNet Services' releases lodged with the Australian Securities Exchange and Singapore Securities Exchange under these links.


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Please see below our ASX releases for 2016.




14 Oct Form 604 – Notice of Change of Interest of Substantial Shareholder
3 Oct Guidelines for Dealing in Securities
20 Sep AER Draft Decision - AusNet Services' 2016 Transition Charges
20 Sep Next Interest Payment Date
19 Sep AusNet Services Investor Day Presentation
12 Sep Change of Company Secretary
8 Sep SGD200M Capital Securities Interest Payment Date
5 Aug Appendix 3Y - Grant of Performance Rights
21 Jul AGM Results
21 Jul Chairman's Address and Remuneration Committee Chairman's Address 
21 Jul AusNet Services' 2015 AGM Presentation
20 Jul Settlement of the Yarram Bushfire Class Action
20 Jul TRR Draft Decision
30 Jun

Notice of Meeting - Correction

20 Jun

Notice of Annual General Meeting

20 Jun

Appendix 3B Final DRP distribution issue price

20 Jun

Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G

20 Jun

2016 Statutory Annual Report

10 Jun

Updated Form 3A.1 Notification of Dividend / Distribution

2 Jun

Appendix 3Y - Change of Director’s Interest Notice

26 May

Electricity Distribution Price Review 2016-20 | AER Final Decision

13 May

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Shareholder Communications

12 May

Appendix 3Z - Mr Ng Kee Choe’s Final Director’s Interest Notice

12 May

Appendix 3X - Mr Tan Chee Meng’s Initial Director’s Interest Notice

12 May

Appendix4E and Financials

12 May

Appendix3A.1 Notification of Dividend Distribution

12 May

Full year 2016 results and investor presentation

22 Mar

Appendix 3X – Initial Director’s Interest Notice    

21 Mar

AusNet Services’ successfully prices HKD875 million offer     

18 Mar

AusNet Services’ Chairman announcement     

10 Mar

AusNet Services successfully prices USD 375M hybrid offer    

12 Feb

Mortlake Terminal Station Acquisition                                     

29 Jan

2016 Financial Calendar                                        

Strategy and Values

AusNet Services' purpose is to provide our customers with superior network and energy solutions.

Board of Directors

Details on our Board of Directors and their experience.

Corporate Governance

We take our obligations seriously and set high standards