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Connecting Residential & Commercial Premises 

As your gas distributor across western Victoria, we work with gas retailers to make it easier for you to get your home or business connected to the natural gas network.



Step 1: Ensure natural gas available in your street

Ensure natural gas is available in your street and can be connected to your property.

Check with your builder or estate developer to see if your street has available gas supply. It is always good to double check with your chosen retailer (see step two) that gas is available before proceeding.


Step 2: Choose natural gas retailer

You now need to choose a natural gas retailer.

The retailer will arrange for your gas connection and be the company who will issue your future gas bills. Information on current natural gas retailers is available at


Step 3: Contact licensed gas fitter or plumber

Once you've chosen your natural gas retailer, you need to contact a licensed gas fitter or plumber to arrange any necessary appliance conversion or installation works.


Check out your local yellow pages for gas fitters or plumbers. You may want to contact the Plumbing Industry Commission to ensure your gas fitter or plumber is registered and can provide you with a Compliance Certificate (CC) – your property can’t be connected to natural gas without this.


Step 4: Contract natural gas retailer to arrange installation of gas meter

You now need to contact your natural gas retailer to arrange installation of a gas meter.

To do this, your retailer will require:

  • Your plumber's/gas fitter's licence number
  • Your Certificate of Compliance

Step 5: Installation of gas meter

We will then install your new gas meter.

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