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We continue to work with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) to help prevent serious injury and deaths resulting from vehicles coming into contact with overhead powerlines and underground assets on farms. We recommend the following safety advice to truck drivers, machinery operators, property owners and other workers:

  • Identify all areas where powerlines cross properties
  • Read the ‘No Go Zone’ rules and regulations
  • Identify all electrical hazards before starting work. If in any doubt contact us
  • Monitor weather conditions. Powerlines can sag in extreme heat and sway in strong winds
  • Be aware that powerlines can be difficult to see at dawn and dusk
  • Remember that electricity can jump gaps
  • Remember that no work should be carried out within the confines of powerlines, whether it’s a last resort or not
  • Relocate bulk delivery storage sites to a safe area away from powerlines
  • Display ‘Look Up And Live’ stickers on any machinery or equipment that is raised overhead
  • To obtain a free copy of the ‘Look Up, Look Down – And Live’ DVD and other safety brochures, please visit Energy Safe Victoria or call 1800 800 158.
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