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Vegetation management is an essential part of AusNet Services’ field work.


Through regular inspections, pruning, clearing and education, we are working to reduce the risk factors that could damage electrical assets, interrupt the supply of electricity or start a fire. Electricity distribution powerlines and transmission lines can be situated on either public or private land. Therefore, we share the responsibility for managing the vegetation planted near electricity assets with landowners.


You are responsible for keeping trees and other vegetation on your property clear of:

  • the insulated service line that runs to your property
  • your own private electric line

For more information, download the Powerline Clearance and Your Property and Your Guide to Planting Near Electricity Lines brochures.


We are responsible for maintaining minimum clearances for trees near powerlines that cross your property boundary (except the service line of your property) or trees within your property near powerlines in the street.


In the event of the owner and/or occupier of land not complying with a request to clear vegetation from a service/private line within the prescribed time, we may clear the line and pass on any costs incurred to the owner/occupier of the land.


For further information or clarification of your responsibilities, please contact us.


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