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Wherever there is natural or man-made electricity, there are electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). Natural electrical fields are produced by, for example, static from your clothes or carpet; while natural magnetic fields are produced by huge moving charges deep within the earth’s core or by currents of lightning. Man-made electric and magnetic fields are created wherever electricity is used, distributed, transmitted or generated.

The effects of electric and magnetic fields on people’s health has been the subject of research since the late 1950s.  Individual research publications and discussions have brought increasing public attention on the possible health implications from exposure to man-made electric and magnetic fields. In recent years, many national and international committees and panels have evaluated these research results – their general conclusions have not established a relationship between magnetic fields and adverse health effects.
We have an obligation to provide electricity safely, reliably and economically – but because of continuing uncertainty about the effect of EMFs, we want to pursue a careful course of action. Therefore, in accordance with the recommendations of the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), we:

  • operate our transmission system prudently within Australian health guidelines
  • closely monitor high quality scientific research
  • take community views into account when siting new facilities

We have also produced a handy booklet that explains the sources and effects of electric and magnetic fields in greater detail.

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