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Located in Arden Street, Kensington, the West Melbourne Terminal Station is an integral part of Victoria’s electricity infrastructure. It is one of several high voltage electricity terminal stations that serve Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs.


AusNet Services owns and operates the electricity transmission network in Victoria, including the West Melbourne Terminal Station, and is responsible for providing the state with a reliable supply of high voltage electricity.


Operational since the 1960s, the terminal station receives high voltage (220,000 volt or 220 kilovolt) electricity via transmission lines and then converts and redirects electricity into CitiPower’s and Jemena’s electricity distribution networks at lower voltages (66,000 volt and 22,000 volt), which is then distributed into their customers’ homes and businesses.


Electricity terminal stations have a finite lifespan and require replacement after approximately 50 years. The West Melbourne Terminal Station has now reached the end of its operation life and needs to be rebuilt. This will mitigate the risk of ageing equipment disrupting Melbourne’s power supply.


The terminal station must remain operational throughout the works. This means that the project must be carefully staged over several years.


Progress Update


Asset replacement works have commenced.


Please refer to our latest update.




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