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Australia leads the world in solar ownership, with more installations per capita than any other country. A growing number of AusNet Services’ customers are installing photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to generate their own renewable energy, either for their own use or to export back into the electricity grid for others to use.


AusNet Services supports residential, commercial and industrial customers wishing to install solar. However, we do not buy or use the solar energy that moves into or out of our grid. That is the role of your electricity retailer.


Before you decide to install a solar energy system, we strongly recommend that you conduct your own research into the potential costs and benefits.


Click here for information about the process of connecting solar systems to the grid.


As the owner and operator of the electricity grid (network) in eastern and northern Victoria and Melbourne’s outer east and north, AusNet Services is responsible for ensuring that your solar system integrates with the grid, and does not negatively affect its reliability or safety. 


This page will be regularly updated to provide you with the latest information about different aspects of solar systems, fact sheets, and links to other relevant resources.



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