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Through the application of network tariffs, we recover revenue for the ownership, operation, augmentation and management of our gas and electricity distribution network assets. These tariffs are detailed below.

Electricity Schedules

Click to download the tariff schedule applicable to your needs:
The Annual Tariff Report has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Essential Services Commission and contains the following elements:
  • Distribution and transmission tariffs
  • A discussion of the policy framework and tariff principles adopted by the distributor in framing the structures and level of its tariffs
  • An explanation of the basis on which the distributor has determined the appropriate breakdown between fixed and variable charges
  • The extent to which the tariff structures adopted provide efficient consumption signals to distribution customers
  • The methodology adopted for allocating transmission-related costs to distribution customers through its transmission tariffs
  • An estimate of the average annual distribution and transmission charge (in $) for each combination of distribution and transmission tariff

Requests for changing a customer's tariff

Requests for changes to a customer's tariff should normally be directed to your retailer, however, if you wish to request the change directly to us, please complete one of the following forms.
  • For customers requiring a more appropriate tariff to be applied to their site or who require the Maximum Demand applied to their accounts to be reviewed, the Network Tariff Change form should be completed. 

  •  Customers on demand tariffs who have installed Powerfactor Correction equipment may have an entitlement to an immediate reduction in the Maximum Demand applied to their accounts. For these instances the Power Factor Information form should be completed.
 Completed forms should be emailed to csc@ausnetservices.com.au for processing. 
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