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Smart meters are helping to modernise Victoria's power infrastructure, to reduce costs for power infrastructure over time and prepare all Victorians for a future of greater energy efficiency and more renewable energy.


Smart meters are the first step towards 'smart grids', which can help us better manage the complex energy flows associated with an increasing contribution from renewable energy sources.


Smart meters capture customers' electricity consumption data every half hour. It transmits this data back to us four times each day, using a communications module and small antenna. Electricity retailers use this consumption data to charge customers for the power they use.


Being able to remotely access and communicate with meters helps us maintain our networks and effectively monitor and manage the supply of electricity to premises in our distribution area. For example, helping to detect and locate outages and to restore supply more quickly.


As well as transmitting data, each smart meter is capable of receiving instructions. This two way communication can improve the response times of activities like remote connection of your electricity, such as when you move premises.


Meter Reading 


AusNet Services is responsible for reading your electricity meter (approximate scheduled meter reading dates are stated on your electricity bill) and for maintaining your electricity meter.  This means from time to time we will require clear and safe access to your meter.
Regardless if you have a smart meter, there are still occasions when we need access to your meter to perform routine maintenance activities and manually read the meter as part of ongoing audit activities.


Helpful tips for a successful meter read


  • Provide your electricity retailer with any meter access instructions
  • Be mindful of latches on gates into your property and ensure they are easy to open
  • If you would like to know if the meter reader has visited your property, stick a piece of paper on the meter with instructions 'please remove when read' indicating the meter has been read
  • Remove any personal locks on your gate or meter box during the scheduled meter reading period or obtain a power industry lock.  Please notify your electricity retailer if you purchase a power industry lock as the meter readers will then be able to use a master key to open the lock
  • If you have a dog, ensure it is kept away from the vicinity of meter during the scheduled reading period
  • Refer to the scheduled meter read date on your electricity bill so you know when to check that there is a safe and clear passage around your meter by ensuring trees and shrubs are regularly pruned


Meter Reading FAQs 


Q. What happens if I don't provide clear and safe access to the meter?

A. If we are unable to safely access your meter, the meter reader may leave a card in your mail box detailing why they were unable to access your meter. In this instance, we will estimate your electricity consumption based on previous data (if required) . If you have special access instructions, please remember to provide them to your electricity retailer. If you have a dog at your property, please also notify your electricity retailer.


Q. How do I know when my meter will be read?

A. Your electricity bill states a date when your next meter read is scheduled. A meter reader will be visiting your property within a five day window on either side of the stated date. If unsure, contact your electricity retailer one week prior to the scheduled meter read date.

Q. I am renovating my property or building a new property, what should I consider?

A. Avoid creating gardens, building fences or anything else on front of the meter.  It is also a good idea to consult your electrician or plumber during the planning phase to discuss whether it's appropriate to move your meter to a more convenient location.


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