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We are committed to supporting our electricity customers to better understand and manage their electricity usage.


The Victorian Government has introduced greater flexibility when choosing an electricity pricing plan called flexible pricing, which is only available to customers with a remotely-read smart meter.  


Flexible pricing is part of the Switch On campaign that also includes price comparator tools such as Victorian Energy Compare.


If you have a smart meter at your home or business, you can request a file containing your energy consumption data from us and upload your historical consumption data into Victorian Energy CompareVictorian Energy Compare will then convert this data into a meaningful graph so you can see your electricity consumption profile.


Requesting your electricity consumption data

To request your electricity consumption data, you must create a myHomeEnergy account.  Your eligibility will be validated and a confirmation email will be sent to you within 1-2 business days from your request. Click here for more information on myHomeEnergy.


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