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AusNet Services aims to provide you with the highest standard of electricity supply reliability and customer service. To find out about any planned or unplanned electricity interruptions in your area, please check our Outage map.


Planned electricity interruptions

As part of our ongoing maintenance and improvement program, we may need to switch off electricity supply to provide safe access to electricity poles and wires in some distribution areas. Unless it is an emergency or a load shedding situation, we will give you at least four business days' written notice of the outage occurring. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


Unplanned electricity interruptions

Unfortunately, unplanned outages causing loss of supply are unavoidable. They may occur because of:

  • storms, lightning strikes, falling trees, branches or bark, birds or animals contacting powerlines, motor vehicle accidents
  • equipment failure
  • failure by customers to observe their obligations (such as a failure to clear trees).
We will use our best endeavours to restore supply as soon as possible, allowing for reasonable priorities. For information when loss of supply occurs and when supply may be restored, please call AusNet Services' Faults Line.




AusNet Services' customers can assist us by reporting any faults that they observe in our gas or electricity networks. For your safety, please stay clear of fallen or damaged powerlines and infrastructure, and suspected faulty gas pipes, and keep out of electricity easements.


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