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Our Transmission Revenue Reset (TRR) proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator, (AER) and their response, determines the revenue we can earn from electricity transmission for a five-year period.


Below is some information on the  proposal, including information about the process and how you as customers can participate.


Our TRR proposal will outline the planned work programs and revenue we require to improve, maintain and operate a safe, reliable and efficient transmission network that meets the long term needs of our customers and the wider community.


AusNet Services owns and operates Victoria’s electricity transmission network, responsible for transporting electricity from generation sources – via 49 terminal stations, 13,000 towers and 6,500 kilometres of high-voltage powerlines – into Victoria’s five lower-voltage distribution networks.


Transmission accounts for a small percentage of the average electricity bill in Victoria.  We continue to work to keep the cost of transmission low, while continuing to provide a reliable supply of electricity to Victoria.


Breakdown of electricity costs

Note – This represents the composition of an annual bill for a residential energy customer in Victorian using 4,000kWh in 2013


AusNet Services will submit its TRR proposal by 31 October 2015. Please refer to the table below for the submission timeline.




28 Jan 15 AER publishes F&A positions paper
27 Feb 15 AusNet Services submits response to F&A positions
26 Mar 15 First stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary
31 Mar 15 AusNet Services submits forecasting methodology
30 Apr 15 AER publishes final F&A paper
28 May 15 Second stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary
31 Jul 15 AusNet Services initiates framework and approach (F&A)
12 Oct 15 Third stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary
30 Oct 15

AusNet Services submits its Revenue Proposal
TRR proposal | TRR overview document

Dec 15 AER publishes issues paper and holds public forum
Feb 16 Submissions on revenue proposal close
20 Jul 16 AER publishes draft decision
Aug 16 AER's public forum on draft decision
16 Aug 16 Fourth stakeholder forum | Presentation | Summary
21 Sep 16 AusNet Services submits its Revised Revenue Proposal
19 Oct 16 Submissions on Revised Revenue Proposal close
31 Jan 17 AER to publish transmission determination for next regulatory control period




Revised Revenue Proposal on our Transmission Plans


On 21 September 2016, AusNet Services submitted a response to the AER's draft decision on our 2017-22 electricity transmission plans.  Our response adopts a number of aspects of the AER's draft decision including some adjustments to our operating expenditure, which will result in lower prices for customers.  


However, AusNet Services has not adopted other aspects of the draft decision including the AER's assessment of safety risks posed by ageing electricity transmission assets.


To read our response in detail, click here. We are expecting the AER to issue its Final Decision in late January 2017.

Victorian Transmission Public Forum - Help shape Victoria's electricity transmission network


Please join us on Tuesday, 16 August to have your say on the future of Victoria's electricity transmission network during a public forum.  At the forum, you will hear from representatives from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and AusNet Services.


The purpose of the forum is to understand electricity consumer expectations which will form part of our response to the Australian Energy Regulator's (AER) five year transmission revenue reset draft decision.  Our response to the decision will be submitted to the AER in late September 2016.


The agenda for the forum will include presenting key aspects of the AER's draft decision, our intended response and an open discussion.


For more information, including how to register, please click here.


Our 2017-2022 Transmission Plans


Read an overview of our 2017-2022 electricity transmission plans.


This overview explains how our plans represent a measured response to the changes that are occurring in the energy sector. In summary, we plan to maintain low transmission prices for Victorians, significantly reduce capital expenditure as a result of major project deferrals, deliver stable operating expenditure and accelerate the depreciation of new assets.


A more detailed proposal has been submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Please click here to read it.


Service Target Performance Incentive Scheme submission


On 28 July 2015, AusNet Services lodged its submission to the AER’s review of the transmission Service Target Performance Incentive Scheme (STPIS). This submission outlines AusNet Services’ views on the proposed amendments to the STPIS, and sets out a number of other proposed changes to the scheme.  The AER intends to publish its final decision on the STPIS on 17 August, which will apply to AusNet Services during the 2017 - 22 regulatory control period.


Introducing the TRR Process Factsheets


We recently developed two factsheets that summarise key infromation regarding the TRR and how we engage with stakeholders during the process. 

Customer Program


As indicated in the timeline below, in the lead-up to submission we will seek stakeholder views as part of the regulatory proposal development process. Stay tuned for more news.


To register for updates on the TRR process or ask questions please email: TRR2017@ausnetservices.com.au


Electricity Transmission Customer Program Timeline


Transmission - diagram

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