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AusNet Services is responsible for installing new meters and reading and inspecting meters on residential and business premises throughout north and east Victoria.


Examples of the services we provide are below:

  • New metering connections to new or existing properties
  • Additions and alterations to existing metering, for example the relocation of a meter
  • Permanent metering removals
  • Testing and inspecting meters

What to do if you require a new electricity connection

Step one - Your first step in connecting to our electricity network is to determine if the powelines and poles need to be extended in order to power your premises. Please ask your electrician for guidance.   If our powerlines and poles need to be extended or upgraded, otherwise known as augmentation, please refer to the Commercial, Industrial and Developer Connections section of our website.   Once the network extension is completed, you can continue with Step Two - request new metering at your premises.  
Step two - Engage a Registered Electrical Contactor (REC) to complete the required electrical works and obtain a signed Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) and an Electrical Works Request form (EWR).  
Step three - Submit your request to your chosen retailer, along with the completed CES and EWR forms.  
Step four - Your retailer will then submit the relevant Service Order and your completed paperwork to AusNet Services.  
Step five - AusNet Services will then validate your Service Order. The timing for service orders begins once AusNet Services has validated and accepted your Service Order and all required paperwork has been received.  
Step six - AusNet Services will action the project.

If you require further information, please call 1300 360 795.


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