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Embedded generator connections greater than 5 MW

AusNet Services supports customers wishing to connect embedded generators to our electricity distribution network across northern and eastern Victoria.
The following information is for the connection of embedded generators that are required to, or intend to register with AEMO. These embedded generators typically have a capacity greater than AEMO’s standing exemption from registration, which is currently 5 MW.

The connection process

To allow us to connect an embedded generator as efficiently as possible, AusNet Services requires that all applicants follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1

The guidelines are to be treated as an information pack in accordance with clause 5.3A.3 of the National Electricity Rules. Before initiating the connection application process, you should read these guidelines to familiarise yourself with the connection process.
The guidelines include:
  • The steps a connection applicant will need to follow at each stage of the connection process
  • The information to be provided by the connection applicant
  • The type of information that will be made available to the connection applicant by AusNet Services
  • AusNet Services technical requirements
  • The factors taken into account by AusNet Services when assessing a Connection Application.

Step 2


Complete the embedded generator connection enquiry form.
To initiate the connection application process, please complete the Embedded Generator Connection Enquiry Form and return it to AusNet Services via email or mail (refer to contact details below).
AusNet Services will provide a preliminary response to your connection enquiry within 15 business days of receipt of this enquiry form and all relevant information.  The response will include high level qualitative technical information relevant to your enquiry; information on network constraints that may apply in the area you wish to connect and any likely shared network augmentation.  Information about the detailed enquiry stage including an estimate of the enquiry fee and application fee will also be included in the preliminary enquiry response.
Please return a copy of the embedded generator connection enquiry form via:
Email: send a scanned copy to James.Snaize@ausnetservices.com.au
Mail: Attention to -
James Snaize
AusNet Services
Locked bag 14051
Melbourne City Mail Centre
Victoria 8001

Step 3


Complete a detailed enquiry response request
Following receipt of the preliminary response, you may lodge a request for a detailed enquiry response to AusNet Services by providing all the information requested in the preliminary enquiry response. An enquiry fee may be required at this stage. If a fee is payable, AusNet Services will specify this in the preliminary enquiry response.
AusNet Services will provide a detailed response to your connection enquiry within 30 business days of receipt of all relevant information including the enquiry fee (if applicable), unless agreed otherwise. Preparation of the detailed enquiry response is expected to be an iterative process to allow for clarification and consideration of options and alternatives. If AusNet Services requires additional time, we will provide a written notice specifying the reasons required for the extension.
The detailed enquiry response will include, among other things, details of the access standards, an itemised estimate of the connections charges and information about the connection application process. Any relevant application fee will also be included in the detailed enquiry response.

Step 4


Lodge a connection application
The connection applicant may lodge an application to connect following the completion of the detailed enquiry stage. An application fee may be required at this stage. If a fee is payable, AusNet Services will specify this in the detailed enquiry response.
AusNet Services will prepare an offer to connect within four months from the date of receipt of the connection application unless otherwise agreed with the connection applicant.

Step 5


Accept the connection offer
The connection applicant has 20 business days to accept the connection offer. If the connection applicant accepts the offer to connect, the connection applicant and AusNet Services will enter into a connection agreement.

Further information


To find out information about previous embedded generation projects, please click here. This register includes the details, as specified under clause 5.4.5 (b) of the NER, for all completed embedded generation projects that have connected to AusNet Services distribution network since 1 October 2009. Permission has been sought from the respective Embedded Generators to publish this information. Any confidential information has been omitted from this register.
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