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On 4 August 2014 we changed our trading name from SP AusNet to AusNet Services.


From SP AusNet to AusNet Services


Although being required to rename due to changed ownership arrangements, we've embraced the opportunity to review how our brand resonates with the people we deliver value to and who we rely on.


Building on our strengths as a major Australian energy infrastructure business, the name AusNet Services embodies our strategy to service our 1.3 million customers better now and in the future.


And we're working hard to be better at what we do. We've been on a transformation journey for the past two years to improve business efficiency - which continues.



So when you see our logo, we want you to know who we are, what we do, what we stand for and how we add value to you.



We're AusNet Services - an energy delivery service business that owns and operates Victoria’s largest network of electricity and gas infrastructure. We move energy from where it’s made to where it’s used in over one million Victorian homes and businesses.


Our strength is making the complex business of moving energy trouble-free for our customers and communities. You can rely on us because we’re on the job around the clock to keep things running smoothly.



We and our service partners work hard to operate our vast network of assets efficiently and at the highest standards achievable. We adapt our network to meet current and future energy needs. Rest assured, safety comes first in everything we do.


When we work this way and deliver on our promises, we bring value to all our stakeholders

  • We improve our customers’ quality of life by bringing them a safe, efficient, reliable energy supply.   
  • We provide our employees with a safe, respectful place to work. We offer them the opportunity to do work that is valuable to our customers and to society.   
  • We treat our communities respectfully. We strive to balance the impact of our operations and enhance the societies, environments and economies in which we operate.  
  • We offer investors a secure, transparent place for their capital. We manage our business to reward their trust.      
  • We work with our regulators to develop a high-quality energy business that responds to changing customer needs.


Delivering these benefits is a responsibility -  all day, every day, now and long term. We’re passionate and proud of what we do – “we move energy”.

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